Fashion Merchandiser

Fashion Merchandiser

Have an eye for style and a mind for business? Fashion merchandising might be your best fit.

Fashion merchandisers typically work for retail stores; it's their job to make the clothing that the store is selling (and for that matter the entire store or clothing department) seem as attractive as possible to the store's customers. They select which clothing items to sell, how much to stock, and what to highlight.

They decide on the optimum amount of space to use for displaying the clothing, at what height to place things, which items to show together or next to one another, how to arrange any forms or mannequins involved, even what kind of signs and lighting to use and (sometimes) what kind of music to play.

But fashion merchandising is about more than simple display. Merchandisers need to stay ahead of the fashion curve to connect the latest in fashion styles with a store's customers. To do this, they may travel to attend fashion shows, interact with buyers, and negotiate with suppliers, all within a particular store's budget.

It's a balancing act requiring excellent communication, fashion industry knowledge, and analytical skills.

Schools that offer degrees in fashion merchandising include the Art Institutes Online, the International Academy of Design and Technology, Westwood College, American Art University, and Keiser University.

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